„The best bank for a cooperation is one that has evolved out of a cooperation!”

Companies in retail always have their own challenges but very seldom a bank that is wholeheartedly committed to it.
We know what is important.



Foundation of the „Einkaufsverein der Salamander Alleinverkäufer eG“ (abbreviation: ESA)


Foundation of the Salamander-Bund GmbH by Salamander AG and ESA


The Salamander-Bund GmbH becomes a credit institution

Primary tasks: purchasing consultancy, business consultancy, product programs, concept development, central settlement


The ESA is now the majority shareholder of the Salamander-Bund GmbH


The building in Bahnhofstraße 82, Kornwestheim is occupied and the RSB Retail+Service Bank GmbH (RSB-bank) is still located there today

Introduction of SAP for the central settlement


The ESA takes over the remaining shares in Salamander-Bund GmbH from the Salamander AG and is the sole shareholder. This is followed by renaming the company names:

 - the ESA changed into the SABU Schuh-Verbund eG

 - the Salamander-Bund GmbH changed into the SABU Schuh & Marketing GmbH


Separation of the core businesses goods and bank

Division of the SABU Schuh & Marketing GmbH into the RSB Retail+Service Bank GmbH (legal successor) and a new SABU Schuh & Marketing GmbH

Start of the collaboration with the GMS Verbund GmbH


Start of the collaboration with the unitex GmbH

Start of the online banking


The INTERSPORT Deutschland eG takes over 25% of the shares in RSB-bank and 50% of the shares in SABU Schuh & Marketing GmbH through its subsidiary INTERCONTACT Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH

Relocation of the SABU Schuh & Marketing GmbH headquarters to Heilbronn, the RSB-bank remains in Kornwestheim

INTERSPORT retailers can now also inquire traditional bank products


The seasonal credit line replaces the financing per commercial bill


Start of the RSB-Portal

Capital increase of € 4.0 million


Linking to raw Rechenanlage West GmbH (invoicing portal and archiving solutions for retailers)

Revision of the SAP environment to flexibly provide new partners with individual components of the central settlement


Capital increase of € 4.0 million


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