Central settlement for retailers

What are the benefits of the central settlement for you?

  • Secure processing of invoices with suppliers
  • No additional assurance against suppliers required
  • Cost reduction and error prevention in the bookkeeping
  • Immediate online access to accounting documents
  • No risk of double payments



The RSB portal allows us to quickly supply all parties involved with information regarding the central settlement.

Thus, all central settlement documents can easily be accessed and secured online. Hence, the documents are promptly made available. The loss of time on the mailing route can therefore be avoided.




In agreement with your purchase association the central settlement can be connected to a modern, standardised and quality-assured invoicing portal along with archiving of invoices according to GoB (Grundsätze ordnungsmäßiger Buchführung).

In this case the otherwise necessary dispatch by post through the supplier is omitted and the retailers no longer need complex and individual archiving solutions or storage systems. Interfaces to common ERP and accounting systems are well integrated.

The documents of the retailers are then stored automatically and are easily accessible online.


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