Seasonal Credits

In order to bridge the time period between goods receipt and sale the seasonal credit line offers an uncomplicated financing possibility on very favorable terms.



  • Are you already a customer of the RSB bank or Intersport?
  • Are you paying your invoices by direct debit including a cash discount deduction?


Then simply submit your up-to-date documents (your last annual financial statement plus the totals and balance list for the current marketing year and the
self-disclosure) together with the claim form.

After the successful review and approval of your credit wish, the resulting amount will be at your disposal twice a year.

You can retrieve the approved credit amount by fax (in maximum three installments per each season). This credit amount can be claimed for a maximum of 90 days.

In advance of each season we will inform you about the current interest rate and retrieval deadlines by way of circular mails.


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