With our Online-Banking applications  "agree21eBanking Private" and the new "RSB Online Banking" we offer you the right solution for every requirement. All you need to use the application is a standard browser, Internet access
and RSB-NetKey with an approved PIN.

agree21eBanking Private    (Access is expected to end at the end of the year)
The application 'agree21eBanking-Private' provides our private customers with a browser-based solution for payment transactions.

New: RSB Online Banking

With a modern design and intuitive operation, the new "RSB Online Banking" offers you many additional functions with which you can manage your account even more conveniently.
The new online banking: Convenient and practical
The new online banking combines all useful functions:

  • Home page with a central account overview and customizable account names
  • Payment functions such as (real-time) transfer, standing order, direct debit, direct debit return, SEPA file processing and retroactive sales display for up to two years
  • Approval of service data center files and payment orders in accordance with the four-eyes principle
  • A common portal for corporate and private customers
  • Transfer of historical data


To secure your transactions we offer the following TAN-procedures:

  • Online banking with the ChipTAN-procedure
    - SmartTAN plus
    - SmartTAN photo
    You only need one RSBNetWorld card and one TAN generator which we are pleased to provide you with.
  • SecureGO-plus-Verfahren
    The TAN will be displayed in a SecureGo-plus-app. The app can be installed on smartphones and tablets. This procedure can also be used via the VR-banking-app.
  • HBCI-procedure
    Usable via your banking software.


To make optimum use of the online banking  we offer the use of the following bank software in cooperation with Starmoney:

Please see the pertinent link for a free test version of the program for 60 days at a time.

In case the StarMoney software has convinced you and you want to continue using it even after the trial period, you will then obtain a licence from us. Moreover, you will benefit from ongoing updates of the software as well as updates.
The StarMoney Hotline will assist you with any questions or problems via their E-Mail-Support.

If you have questions regarding the online banking or if you want to request a software licence please contact our Online Banking Team.


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